Learn About “Tidio” And Using AI Customer Service For Your Business!

Tidio is an AI Customer Service technology that you can use in your business that will help you convert more leads, provide really great customer support, and ultimately increase your revenue. TIDIO is a really game-changing AI based customer service solution.

With Tidio you will be able to provide really great customer service. Tidio’s live chat features will allow it to talk to the people who call your organization in real-time. This will help boost customer loyalty and generate sales. Tidios live chat feature can be tailored and personalized in a way that fits your organization. With Tidio you will be able to manage all of your channels with just one tool while cutting down wait-time for the customers who call you; this leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Tidio also provides a help-desk where customer issues, inquiries or complaints can be turned into a support ticket for the organization to deal with. Tidio provides a multi-channel system that will help you manage all tickets with just one tool.

You will be able to assure that the right ticket request get the attention of the right person and is dealt with promptly and professionally.

Tidio will also automate support with self-service flows. That means repetitive questions that the organization gets from a lot of people can be dealt with easily.

With Tidio you can also manage the performance of your internal support team to see where they are excelling and to see where they need to improve.

Tidio provide analytic tools with which you can see trends in customer behaviour and you can gauge the efficiency of the organizations teams.

You can improve the conversations and calls that the organization gets by seeing how many calls are revieved, how many are answered, the call durations and the amount of calls abandoned. This helps the organization to continuously improve the operations of their call-centres and of the personnel who receive calls.

With Tidio analytics you can also optimize the company’s work schedules by see at what time the most important calls come in and how they are handled.

Tidio will help you increase sales and conversions with contextual sales flows. A sales flow will bring a prospective customer through the sales funnel and eventually make a sale.

The stages of a sales flow first bring in a prospective customer to the store or website, you must then inform the customer of their options and what products may suit them, then you must present the sales offer, clear up any doubts or questions and then make the actual sale. Tidio help automate this process in an optimal way.

Tidio can be used with email marketing to increase customer retention and to increase the average order value.

An email list of customers and prospective customers can be very lucrative is utilized properly.

With email marketing you can keep past customers returning and you can find new customers. An email list can increase brand loyalty by making the brand more visible and making customers feel valued.

Tidio can be integrated into AI Chatbots. Lyro AI Chatbot can be used to increase efficiency for both the customer and for the company as it is a huge time-saver.

An AI Chatbot will cut down on first-respose times, it can save time by dealing with repetitive questions and queries and it can simplify a lot of tasks and processes.

Tidio is also very adaptive and flexible. It can be integrated into all of your favourite platforms like Wordpress, Shopify,, Magneto and MUCH more.

It can also be integrated into you favourite apps like Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Hubspot and a lot more.

Other Benefits of Using AI in Customer Support

Using AI in business provides a lot of benefits, not just for the customer , but for the organization too.

AI provide 24/7 availability. No matter when time or what day someone calls the company for assistance they can be dealt with. Chatbots can provide instant responses. This is useful if dealing with people who may be in various time-zones and for global businesses.

AI also provides scalability; if a very large number of calls are coming into the organization AI will be able to dealt with the large volume simultaneously and will be able to deal with all queries without having to hire extra staff.

AI can also be very cost effective and may provide a very high ROI. The cost saved may be with personnel as AI can dealt with a large volume of work without having to hire and train extra staff. AI is also very good at preforming repetitive tasks; this may take a large workload away from the organization’s employees.

AI provides cost efficiency in its speed and efficiency. AI can analyse thing very quickly, make very quick decisions and provide solutions to the customer in a very fast manner. This all adds up to provide savings to the company in both time and money.

AI also provides good consistency; they can adhere to certain guideline, work practices and policies. Customers will be able to receive standard information and standard services.

AI systems can be personalized and can be adapted for a unique organization. AI systems can also analyse customer data to personalize responses and to provide individuals with a customized service to fit their behaviour profile.

This kind of personalization can also help collect, analyse and utilize vast amounts of data which can be used to optimize the services provided by the company.

This kind of personalization and analysing of user behaviour can help provide predictive support. AI systems can predict potential issues and customer needs by processing large data sets, historical data and patterns.

AI systems can include multilingual support. This is especially important for organizations who operate internationally or globally. AI Systems have language processing capabilities that can provide multilingual service without the organization having to employ translators or multilungual staff.

AI systems are often flexible enough to be integrated into other systems. This may include platforms like Wordpress, Drupal , Wix and CRM systems and other e-commerce platforms.

In conclusion; AI is an amazing technology that has the potential to totally transform how we do business, how we interact with technology and how we live our daily lives.

AI in customer support will allow organizations to faster and more professional services and lead to more satisfied customer and a much higher return on investment.